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Accreditation at the Emilia Romagna Region

The Emilia-Romagna Region features Consortia for Internationalization through a special qualification instrument constituted by institutional accreditation.

With a view to constantly improving its organizational standards and the services offered to its associates, the Consortium participates in this process of institutional accreditation promoted by the Emilia Romagna Region to select consortia for internationalization on the basis of a precise specification characterized by a articulated set of requirements.

This process of accreditation is divided into two levels, respectively a first level c.d. “Entry”, and a second “Advanced”.

Accreditation is aimed at evaluating the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of consortium activities. Obtaining such accreditation is a necessary condition and allows the Consortium to participate in the funding invitations promoted by the Region E.R.

In addition, accredited consortia will also be able to:

  • To be selected as specialized partners of the Emilia Romagna Region for internationalization initiatives;
  • To be included in the annual promotional programs and regional initiatives with the greatest added value.

Consorzio Piacenza Alimentare has already obtained the last level accreditation from the Region itself, the so-called “Advanced Level”.

Responsible for Accreditation at the Region E.R. is the Director Daniele Ghezzi.