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due to the recent developments of the coronavirus epidemic in some municipalities nearby the province of Piacenza, to protect the health of its employees and production continuity, the company prepares the following preventive actions and consequent decisions with a view to maximum caution:

All Visitors who have passed through the offices of the Consorzio Piacenza Alimentare (headquarters in via Colombo 35, Piacenza) who reside or who, in the three weeks prior to the date of this communication, have passed through one of the areas subject to lockdown by the health authorities (or who in the future were subjected to this measure) coming into contact with any person, are invited to immediately report this situation by means of dr. Daniele Ghezzi at 0523305928 and the competent health authorities.

As of this communication, company visits by any service provider will be prohibited until further notice. They will be admitted exclusively for service interventions strictly necessary for production continuity or public utility. These must be authorized in advance in writing and constantly accompanied by one of our staff who will take charge of enforcing a specific company regulation specifically created to prevent any risk of transmission of the infection.

For the collection and delivery of goods, an ad hoc procedure will be defined by the Company Prevention and Protection Service.