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Consorzio Salumi Dop Piacentini

There is a place where high quality cold cuts have been produced for many years. This place is the province of Piacenza.

Different factors have brought to this result: the territory extends alongside the banks of the Po river and is surrounded by the Apennines.

These majestic natural elements create a unique microclimate that is fundamental for the seasoning of cold cuts.

Since 1971 the Consorzio Salumi Piacentini have been enganged in the protection of the three DOPsPiacentini: Coppa piacentina DOP, Pancetta piacentina DOP and Salame piacentino DOP.

For this reason this insitution is guarantor of the companies of the Consortium and it inspects that all the production phases are in line with the strict disciplinary of the Protected Origin Designation.

Piacenza is the only province in Italy that has three DOP cold cuts and is a territory rich of food and wine traditions, that people should promote and valorize.

For this purpose the Consorzio Salumi Piacentini supports the promotion of these products through national and international events and encourages the partnership with the two others Institutions that promote the agribusiness of the territory, respectively foodstuff & beverages and wines: Consorzio Piacenza Alimentare and Consorzio Vini doc Colli Piacentini (PiaceDoc).