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“I PANINI LI FA MAX” with excellences form Piacenza

From 23 September to 3 November 2019, the episodes “I Panini li fa Max” will be broadcast on the Sky 412 channel, starring the flavors of our Associated firms.
In the prestigious setting of Palazzo Farnese, the famous chef Max Mariola has created exclusive sandwiches with the excellence of the area combined with the wines of our producers.

The initiative born in collaboration with the Consortium Piacenza Alimentare and Piacenza cured meats consortiums,  saw the participation of the members: La Pizza + 1, Cascina Pizzavacca, Caseificio Borgonovo, 3G Salsanatura, Mossi 1558, Il Poggiarello, Il Casello, Cantina di Vicobarone and Tenuta Pernice . Appointment is set on the Gambero Rosso – Sky 412 channel with “I Panini Li Li Max” to discover extraordinary ideas to savor the flavors of Piacenza in a new way.