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The main aim of Consortium Piacenza Alimentare has always been to promote the commercialization of local agri-food products abroad, starting from the consideration that when a product is really good, it already has the fundamental requirements for success. Companies, however, don’t often have the strength to present their products on a wider scale and that is a real pity. Piacenza Alimentare was born for this reason: to establish a synergy among local companies that, thanks to an intensive activity program, finally have a chance to enlarge their horizons, taking part to the most qualified international food fairs, getting in contact with buyers, importers, restaurants managers and, in this way, entering markets that otherwise would be difficult to reach.

The real strength of the Consortium Piacenza Alimentare is the “team”, this philosophy has led us to be the largest export consortium in Italy.

Thanks to the cooperation we have achieved important results.

Today, after more than thirty years of experience, we are a reference point for companies that decide to enter foreign markets, with effective support in the activities of international promotion.
All this adds an important service to the process of internationalization of the associated companies, in particular to facilitate and speed up the mechanisms that regulate the complex system of export products.