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New prizes and awards of our members


In 2017 some associated businesses received important prizes and awards for their unique and high quality products.

In September Pastificio Fontana received the Organic Certification from CCPB and it will present 7 references of egg-pasta: 3 of smooth pasta and 4 of stuffed pasta, all worked and produced with passion and attention.

Cantina di Vicobarone received the prize “Excellence of the Wines of Val Tidone” during the Valtidone WineFest event at Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC) in September. The President of Cantina Giuseppe Gaddilastri collected the prize.

In August Salumificio La Rocca received an important certificate of excellence for the products of the Piacenza tradition. DOP Piacentine Coppa, DOP Piacentine Pancetta and DOP Piacentine Salame won the WineHunter 2017 Award at the Meran Culinary Award, chaired by President Helmuth Koöcher.

In July Riverfrut won the 1st prize in the Fresh Foods category at the Brands Award, thanks to the 100 % vegetable Burgers!

Congratulations to our members!