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Az. Agr. Pizzavacca

Via Po, 1
Soarza di Villanova sull’Arda (Piacenza)
Tel. +39 0523 837395


Pizzavacca is located in Soarza di Villanova sull’Arda, a hamlet of Roman origins in the province of Piacenza. Soarza stand in a secluded green country area rich in orchards and surrounded by woods all lined up along the flow of the river Po. With its stateliness and splendor the farmstead has always been both the image and the substance of the farm: an evidence of it can already be found in a map dated 1581 in the Vatican Gallery. Cascina Pizzavacca farmed carries on family traditions which from generation to generation give value to typical products of these lands, property of the Pisaronis for long.

The processing activity began in 2006 when they established a small artisanal laboratory within our farmhouse. The new activity proven profitable: in a few years’ time the success obtained allowed them to transfer and enlarge the laboratory. Old stables were renovated and a photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the farmstead: it now provides energy for most of the new processing.

Also nowadays Pizzavacca is unmistakably seal of the simplicity and authenticity of the old days, values which the Pisaroni family down through the taste of their products: nectars, fruits jams and, vegetable preserves.


In the laboratory of industrial processing from raw materials grown in the fields vegetable preserves, sauces, and vegetables in oil, fruit jams and nectars, are produced. The success of the Pisaroni’s high quality products is achieved through a totally artisanal processing which follows in minute detail ancient recipes of the so-called “Bassa Piacentina” area. Though in a modern way, these recipes revive the very simple country practice which – in the past – allowed families to preservatives the freshness of fruit and vegetables all year round.

Pisaroni recipes, advanced from Bruno Pisaroni who is the “Chef” of Pizzavacca, absolutely avoid the use of preservatives, food colorings and other additives: the flavors and tastes we offer are thoroughly natural.

The one-year guarantee of storability for the whole production is the result of highly technological processing. Yet, this processing retrieves ordinary, ancient techniques used in past times to keep the quality of fruit and vegetables unaltered all year round.


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