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Azienda Agricola Cardinali Giulio di Alberto e Laura Cardinali s.s.

Vigneto Montepascolo
Tel /Fax. +39 0523 803502

Azienda Agricola Cardinali was established by the Cardinali family in the 70s. In 1996 the second generation took over the estate to continue the tradition of this area, where wine has been made for centuries.

Vineyards patterns, grapes selection and the care with which wines are made and commercialised reflect and convey the company idea to make wines that can tell something about the history of the territory.

Vineyards grow on a clayey-sandy soil and are exposed to sunlight from East to West. The aim is to obtain wines that can be traditional and modern at the same time, always respecting the environment. Wine is made exclusively from their own grapes, trying to highlight their natural characteristics, which develop even richer features with cellar aging.