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In 1945, when Ernest Hemingway crossed the Trebbia Valley in Italy, he wrote:
«Today I crossed the most beautiful valley in the world».
We would like to add, “…which has the best food in the world.”

FoodBestValley searches for, selects and distributes the finest food and wine products, such as pasta, cheese, cold pork meats, wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chocolate, bakery products, coffee and many more of the delicacies, sprouting from the magnificent Italian terrain.

The wide-ranged assortment is made up of a variety of Italian specialties – especially from the region of Emilia – which are known throughout the world.

The mission is to refiner: we carefully select the products, let them age in their original environment and then bring them to the warehouse, where they are kept only for the time needed for rotation. We do not label the products, but try to get people acquainted with craftsmen’s local brands and eventually let them meet each other, so they can see how the products are processed and prepared.

The suppliers are all manufacturers from small and medium crafts companies, who share the same passion for their products, the same tradition, and seek for quality every day.
The customers are restaurateurs, retailers and distributors all over the world, who need to gather the products they require in a single shipment.
People who share curiosity and traditions, aimed at seeking excellence in products, and keen of discovering quality through flavour, the places and the history of local traditions.

Production description:

FoodBestValley search, select, distributes the culinary excellence of pasta, cheese, wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chocolate, sweets, coffee and anything else required of the excellence of the wonderful Italian territory.
Our wide range consists of various specialties of the various regions and in particular the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna where we are based and known all over the world.

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