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Campana Vini Piacentini

Via Madonna della Quercia, 116
Tel. +39 0523 859448
Fax. +39 0523 853554

The passion for grapes and wines is handed down generation after generation in the Campana family.
Established in 1971 as a small family-run winery, Cantine Campana has slowly but surely carved a niche in Colli Piacentini wine area, becoming a household name not only for the final consumer but also for farmers in Piacenza area.

This vocation of being a “link” between farmers and customers has been confirmed in the last years, when Cantine Campana important function has been appreciated by an EU project. This led to an important overhaul, with the introduction of new equipments and productive spaces for both quality- and quantity- oriented production.

Nowadays modern equipment is a precious ally, making the best of the natural transformations…from the grape to the bottle.


Cantine Campana is established in a favourable position, nested at the foot of the hills dividing Val d’Arda and Val Chero, a small hidden gem in Colli Piacentini wine region. Those slopes produce the bulk of the grapes that they use to produce about 900.000 bottles every year, 80% of whom are DOC wines, the most important quality assurance label in Italy.

The labels boast the most important varieties of Colli Piacentini wine region, as well as international wines, in the still, sparkling and spumante variations.
The authenticity of Campana wines and the correct application of winemaking techniques – together with a painstaking control throughout the entire production cycle – are testified by the satisfaction of the customers that appreciate the work because of their continuous improvement.

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