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Cantina Manzini S.r.l.

Via Emilia Parmense Est, 12/14
29010 Pontenure, Piacenza (PC)
Tel. +39 0523 511322
Fax. +39 0523 519011

Cantina Manzini was born in the early XIX century, when the company registered its trademark at the Chamber of Commerce of Piacenza. Since then we’ve been making excellent wines from carefully selected grapes.

Most of the grapes they use come from the area of Castell’Arquato (Arda valley) where they run two vine-growing farms (La Valorosa and Piani Castellani) and collaborate with several local vine-growers who’ve been their suppliers for several years.


The product range of CDO Colli Piacentini wines includes:

gutturnio frizzante (red, dry, sparkling wine)

barbera frizzante (red, dry sparkling wine)

ortrugo frizzante (white, dry, sparkling wine)

malvasia secca frizzante (white, dry, sparkling wine)

trebbianino frizzante (white dry, sparkilng wine)

monterosso frizzante (white, dry, sparkling wine)

Trademarks: Cantina Manzini – La Valorosa – Piani Castellani

Annual production: approx. 1.000.000 bottles