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Carlo Manzella & C. S.r.l.

Via Borgonovo, 71
Tel. +39 0523 842819
Fax. +39 0523 844144

The company Carlo Manzella & Co was established in 1923 by Carlo Manzella, the forefather of the current owners. Since then it has continued to dedicate itself to the industrial processing of tomatoes and specialized in the production of crushed peeled tomatoes and fine crushed peeled tomatoes.


Carlo Manzella & Co is a developing company with a daily productive capacity of about 4,000 quintals. The staff comprises the managers and about fifty employees (during the processing) who work in a technologically advanced factory, occupying an area of about 15,000 square meters. The Company Carlo Manzella gives top priority to the quality and excellence of its products.
The quality and professionalism they have acquired over the years are the key elements that distinguish Carlo Manzella & Co. Every stage of the tomato-production process is carefully followed by qualified personnel who can guarantee the excellence of the final product. The company has been designed to fit perfectly to the rhythm of production of tomato pulp.

The company has consolidated business on the Italian market, which accounts for 60% of its turnover, and has also conquered many different European markets such as France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, with account for the remaining 40%.

Thanks to a careful and programmed management of supplies, the fresh tomato used for the production of crushed peeled tomatoes, is readily worked in order to ensure a high quality standard.
Carlo Manzella & Co produces for its own brand and for others crushed peeled tomatoes (format 4050 g, 2500 g) and fine crushed tomatoes (format 4050 g and 2500 g). Own brand (Star brand) is known in Italy and abroad as a symbol of trust and quality by the standards of the company.

The company has specialized for years in the manufacture of crushed peeled tomatoes and it dedicates his passion in producing well this type of product. Carlo Manzella & Co also sells double concentrated tomato paste in sizes 2200 g, 800 g and crushed peeled tomatoes bag in box 10 kg and 5 Kg x2 formats.


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