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Delfanti Trade S.r.l.

Strada Statale, 462
Tel. +39 0523 815811
Fax. +39 0523 815815

Delfanti Trade activity takes place in Monticelli d’Ongina, in the province of Piacenza – Italy. Monticelli d’Ongina has been elected “Capital of Garlic” for its protected origin garlic (DOP in Italian) and it’s also an important area for the production of onions and tomatoes. Every year, at the beginning of autumn, an important fair of garlic takes place in Monticelli. There you can find all garlic varieties produced all over the world.


The company has been specialized in the packing and marketing of onion and garlic for over 40 years. Thanks to a careful management of garlic and onion purchases, we can supply these products all the year long, all over the world. Finally, thanks to our modern and efficient structure we can produce a wide range of packings, able to satisfy all our customers’ requirements.

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