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Delicius Rizzoli S.p.A.

Via Micheli, 2
Tel. +39 0521 813525
Fax. +39 0521 819721

Starting as a family business, over 40 years Delicius has successfully competed to achieve excellence in various sectors of the fish preserve industry, expanding its product range while keeping true to the high quality of traditional processes and meticulous care for consistency in its products.

Its production adheres to the criteria and controls required by BRC, IFS and Kosher-Pareve certification. Anchovy fishing complies with UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 and it is Friend of the Sea certified to ensure traceability in the feed and food chain.

In terms of localizing the production of the preserve sector, Delicius’ strategy is vicinity to the fishing areas. The establishment of foreign facilities allows for fresher raw material and speed in starting processing, which has positive results for the specialty foods’ properties and taste.

Knowing how to choose, how to produce, how to improve: with that typically Italian touch of originality.


Product lines
Anchovy fillets
Anchovy paste
Mackerel fillets
Sardine/Sardine fillets

Reliability and consistent quality first and the resulting consumer satisfaction have brought Delicius to the forefront of the Italian fish preserve market.
Over the years, these qualities have been kept high and matched by innovation and a wide-ranging distribution network.

Delicius Anchovies in olive oil are the best because:

• source the Mediterranean Sea Engraulis encrasicholus fish species only;
• the Salt Master cures and matures anchovies in the traditional Italian way;
• anchovies are filleted and packed manually, one by one;
• olive oil – of remarkable quality – is poured in our jars and tins.

Delicius Anchovies can be used straight out of pack on toasted bread or canapés, in salads to enhance dressing, in pasta dishes (noodles, etc.) or pizzas as ingredient to boost it with this typical Italian savour, very tasty.

Delicius Anchovies semi-preserves are shelf-stable and assure 18 months of Best Before date.