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Azienda Agricola Il Poggiarello

Scrivellano di Travo
29020 TRAVO (PC)
Tel. +39 0523 957241
Fax. +39 0523 614502

Already in the XVI century the territory surrounding the company was renowned and appreciated for the quality of its wines, whose characteristics came from the so-called “contained production”, the precursor of the techniques that today are mostly used in the vineyard.

The passion and love for wine, which had made the history of Azienda Agricola Il Poggiarello families, are the main reasons that prompted us to undertake this adventure in the 1980s. The search for a place able to combine natural beauty with quality wine vocation led us to Val Trebbia, one of the most striking valleys of the Emilian Apennine.

In these idyllic and peaceful environs, you are taken on a journey to discover the flavors and aromas of a consistently excellent production.


The company is aware that good wines “grow from the vineyard”, for this reason they concentrate the hardest part of our work right in the vineyard: growing systems, soil management, vegetative control, bunch pruning and strictly manual harvest are all techniques aimed at granting an high quality production.

Wines with Poggiarello brand:

Gutturnio Doc Sparkling Piacenza Tradition
Ortrugo Doc Sparkling Piacenza Tradition
Gutturnio Superiore Doc “La Barbona”
Malvasia IGT “Perticato Beatrice Quadri”
Sauvignon Emilia IGT “Perticato Il Quadri”
Chardonnay IGT “Perticato La Piana”
Cabernet Sauvignon IGT “Perticato Il Novarei”
Pinot Nero IGT “Perticato Le Giastre”
Barbera ‘l Piston.


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