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Salumificio San Michele S.p.A.

Via Pallavicina, 11
Tel. +39 0373 244800
Fax. +39 0373 244801

Salumificio San Michele S.P.A. was founded more than 30 years ago and since then it has been involved in the production of air-dried, matured hams. All the processing is carried out in the following four factories for Air-drying and maturing San Michele Tiorre-Felino and Langhirano ( PR) Deboning, logistic and offices in Offanengo (CR)
Slicing plant in CG Salumi Srl, Langhirano (PR).

The present annual production is about 600.000 hams of which 85% Prosciutto Crudo, 10% Parma ham and 5% San Daniele ham and other Italian hams. 95% of total production is deboned in the following shapes and cuts: Pressato, Addobbo, Pelatello, Mattonella, Trancio.
The Italian market takes up 55% of the production, sold through agents and direct customers to: chain-stores, supermarket groups, salami factories, slicing estabilishments, catering, ready-meal producers, traditional wholesalers. 45% is sold abroad mainly in 20 different countries in Europe and outside Europe.

In the slicing plant, they take the advantage of two production lines where they can slice and guarantee a production of 8000/10.000 kg a day.
Thanks to the best available technology in the slicing market and packing of charcuterie and market, they meet all the customers’ packing needs, combining products tradition and new packing and packaging systems innovation.

San Michele can assure to its customers and consumers full compliance of highest safety and quality standards.
The company obtained the most important certifications for food sector: BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard).
The company recently obtained also Traceability in the feed and food chain certification (EN ISO 22005), HACCP System Certification (UNI 10854) and Environmental Management Certification (ISO 14000+EMAS).


Thanks to continuous efforts, Salumificio San Michele could realize a line in order to respect an healthy way of life: hams free from preservatives and from allergen.
They decided to have all these characteristics certified by an independent certifying body in order to give the customers and consumers the best guarantee.


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