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San Nicola Prosciuttificio del Sole S.p.A.

Strada Val Parma, 89
Loc. Prella, 43021 Corniglio (PR)
Tel. +39 0521 881400


Founded in 1979, the San Nicola Prosciuttificio del Sole S.p.A. facility is located in upper Val Parma in the Parma Apennine mountains. Built upon a waterfront entirely immersed in green, the structure is 2000 feet above sea level – several miles away from population centers, and even further away from industrial centres.

The isolated location and natural scenery produce a spectacular visual impact; but the importance of this unusual location lies specifically in the clear air, which directly benefits the fundamental and distinctive San Nicola curing process.
The San Nicola hams are top quality products, and thanks to this they are well known in Italy and exported all over the world.


The production of the San Nicola Prosciuttificio del Sole S.p.A. is around a number of 90.000 pieces per year, each of them intended to become the original Parma Ham D.O.P. (Designation of Protected Origin), marked by the fire branding of the Consortium of Parma Ham. All the San Nicola hams are produced by the best Italian meats, coming from animals born and bred exclusively in Italy, and with the addition of just a little amount of marine salt. The San Nicola hams are all natural, they are produced without preservatives and they are gluten free.

The San Nicola Prosciuttificio del Sole S.p.A. production is specialized in curing the hams for a long period of time, more precisely up to 20, 24 and 30 months.
In addition, the plant is licensed to export its hams in the most important countries all over the world, like the U.S.A., Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and Peru.