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Suncan S.p.A.

Via Pomello, 22
Tel. +39 0523 824845
Fax. +39 0523 824616

The cannery “SUNCAN ltd” was founded in 1963 by the Politi family in co-operation with some English importers. The company is guided by a board of directors which consists of three members; among them, Mr. Roberto Politi is the President and Managing director.


The final products are intended to be used in the catering, bakery and industrial sector. Moreover, they are commercialized under own labels (“Suncan” and “Chris”) and/or private labels.

The Quality is exactly what the Clients are waiting for.

The company mission is to produce canned fruit with the highest quality standards either for catering or industrial purpose. Its philosophy is “to produce exactly what clients are waiting for”.

The cornerstones of the actual company strategy are the following :
– constant engagement for a continuous updating, always in full compliance with our traditions
– customer satisfaction
– development of excellence within the company
– achievement of important new targets of improvement

The critical suppliers are audited and approved and great care is taken for the raw material and semi-finished ingredients.
The fruit supplied is obtained following the Good Agricultural Practises (Eurep-gap) of the Regional authorities of Emilia Romagna (brand “QC” that means controlled quality).
At the entrance each fruit batch is checked, evaluated and accepted following severe quality standards; at least 10% of the lots are sampled to be checked for chemical analysis (pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants) before being realised for production.

The process controls are carried out following the HACCP method (hazard analysis and critical control points). Micro biological, chemical, physical and organic tests are carried out on the finished product in order to guarantee the highest quality standards requested.


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