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Torrefazione Musetti S.r.l.

Via Marcora, 2/4
Tel. 0523 692811
Fax. 0523 692828

Torrefazione Musetti has been more than eighty years in the coffee world, in 50 countries on the five continents.
Always looking after the product and consumers, thanks to its blends can satisfy the several tastes and needs, focusing on the creation of a quality through strict controls on the whole manufacturing process, from choosing the green coffee to packaging and distribution.

Torrefazione Musetti history is a fusion of passion, hard work and successes where people and coffee have always been the only undisputed protagonists. The company attention for the product and  its care about consumers have remained unchanged over the years. Precisely for this reason unique blends have been created to satisfy the most different tastes and needs.

Quality is however the foundation to produce new blends. Several and strict controls are carried out on the whole manufacturing process, from the selection of green coffee to packaging and distribution. The several certifications obtained also testify the commitment to provide the consumer with a unique and high quality product. Passion for coffee shows itself not only through the careful selection and roasting of raw materials but also by paying attention to anything having to do with the coffee world.

Coffee is atmosphere, culture, experience. It’s an evocative drink well suited to a wide range of complex sets.


Musetti produces coffee beans, ground and monoportions (pods and capsules), thus a range of products for each sales channel:, reatil and private.

If we talk about Torrefazione Musetti, we talk about quality.

For Musetti, quality is not “controlled” but is “built” with a strict system of procedures governing the selection of green coffee, proper roasting, the composition of the right blend, up to a packaging that preserves the aroma.
This way represents the business philosophy and today Musetti made a major step with the recognition of the BRC level A, in addition to the already consolidated UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.

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