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Val Trebbia

In Val Trebbia glimpses of intense natural beauty are on offer along the entire course of the river and breathtaking views are available to visitors even simply following the curves of the panoramic road by car. The medieval village of Bobbio is the real treasure of the valley, stemmed from the foundation of a monastery of the 7th century. Wandering in its streets, you will certainly got captured by the smell of mushrooms and other local food specialities.

Here you can find a list of DECO (Denominazione Comunale, “Village-Denomination) products, stemmed from specific marketing projects aimed at fostering typical products coming from a particolar village.



Medieval recipe of home-made fresh pasta punched with iron knitting needles and seasoned with local stew.


PINOLI De.Co  from  Bobbio

A typical recipe from high Val Trebbia used to produce bread with flour, ricotta cheese, eggs and Grana or parmesan cheese. They can be season with meat sauce or, in a more modern version, mushroom sauce.


CIAMBELLINE  from San Nicolò Val Trebbia

Ring-shaped cakes, produced with sugar or sugar-free and collected in typical “necklaces”. Their origins trace back to 14th century, when they were produced by San Savino’s Cathedral monks.