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Biolmel Prize awarded to the Agribetz Piacenza company

Honey picks up top of the charts world wide. The Piacenza Alimentare Consortium is proud and commends with its associated Agribetz Bio of Elisabetta Poggi of Lugagnano, who in the last edition of the international prize Biolmiel, held on November 26-27 in Bologna, obtained the gold medal for honey Millefiori .

This award relies on perseverance and attention to the individual stages of production in order to obtain a high quality product. For Acacia and Monoflora honey, Mr. Sig.Poggi explains, the positioning of honeys must occur in places with blooming botanical species; Important at this stage is the role played by the beekeeper who must monitor the final flowering in order to obtain a clear and clean product as possible by removing the melars (mansard houses where bees store the honey).

Honey consumers are generally very attentive to the quality of the product and in this respect, Agribetz has a biological certification.

The company is particularly attentive to the care of every single aspect of its product, including the clear and transparent honey color; The customer of Acacia honey visibly notices the difference in honey color with respect to the other jars (instant feedback); Honey transparency is one of the cornerstones of product processing. The facts have therefore shown that the Piacenza territory is particularly suitable for this kind of production where it is important to follow the work of bees in order to obtain a quality product thanks also to the environment in which it is produced.


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